What makes us awesome

This is the largest student hackathon in Mexico. Hosted by Tec de Monterrey, ranked 5 stars by QS, in the top 40 universities worldwide and top 10 in Latin America.

All students welcome!

Whether it's your first hackathon or you're an experienced hacker, HackMTY is perfect for you and there's no entry fee.

Expect great things

We’ll have mentors from different companies, and a great atmosphere for learning something new. We'll be providing food and snacks to keep you energized during the 24 hours.


You must be currently a student or have graduated in the last 12 months from the date of the event to attend HackMTY. All disciplines are welcome.

Hackathon Sponsors


Nintendo Switch

1 per participant


1 per participant


1 per participant

Amazon Alexa Challenge

El reto es crear un juego de voz en una custom skill (app de voz) utilizando el ASK (Alexa Skill Kit) de Amazon Alexa. Especificamente, deberán crear al menos un juego que involucre preguntas y respuestas donde su creatividad es el límite para definir el tema, dinámica del juego, puntuación y gráficos multimodales.

Facebook Challenge

Projects that focus on impact towards social good: We as a company are interested in project ideas that help to build community and bring people closer together. Projects will be judged based on this: 50% idea and 50% execution (technical complexity).

Banorte Challenge

Creando Soluciones contra el Phishing

Generación de una propuesta tecnológica en donde a través del uso de nuevas tecnologías como: Machine Learning, DeepLearning, Inteligencia Artificial, BlockChain, User Behavior Analysis, Etc. Se proponga un diseño de solución que atienda la problemática para identificación y prevención de Phishing.

JDA Challenge

Teotihuacan Brewery Sales Forecast
In order to convince your investors to fund your project of buying out “Cerveceria Teotihuacan” you need to accurately forecast the sales quantity for the next three months based on the historical data provided to you by the previous owners.

Konfio Challenge

Construir una aplicación Móvil que me permita tener un mejor entendimiento de mis ingresos y egresos basados en mi facturación. La idea es que los desarrolladores sean lo más creativos posibles para ofrecer una herramienta al usuario final que le sea útil. Konfio entregará un set de datos ficticios para que los equipos puedan arrancar

Best use of UiPath

Best use of Snapchat's Snapkit SDK

Best domain name by domain.com

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The Judges

The Judges
Multiple companies

Judging Criteria

  • Innovación
  • Reto Técnico
  • User Experience
  • Impacto

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